Powers Fasteners has been a worldwide pioneer in the fastening industry since 1921 and today is the leading supplier of concrete and masonry anchors and fastening systems in North America. Powers has extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise in several product groups, including mechanical anchors, adhesive anchoring systems and powered forced-entry systems such as powder-actuated and gas fastening systems.

The 7th Edition of the Powers Technical Manual for the Design Professional:
This comprehensive technical manual was developed for the design professional and specifier. It is an update to our previous technical manual and is based on several decades of industry experience. The manual is the culmination of our efforts to include the latest in anchor technology, testing standards, performance data and product listings. It should be used as a reference for selecting and specifying the proper products for your anchoring and fastening applications.
Use of our website is strongly recommended (www.powers.com):
The Powers website contains our product information, documentation and updates. This includes product approvals and listings, MSDS sheets, general product information, software tools, contact information, newsletters and announcements. These program resources and supplements, combined with over twenty stocking locations throughout North America, provide one of the best engineering and field support systems available in the anchoring industry.
Powers Design Assist (PDA) real-time anchor design software is more powerful than ever:
Our PDA software provides code-compliant anchoring solutions in a dynamic environment with real-time results. It does more than just provide calculations. It is also a comprehensive digital library for mechanical anchors, adhesive anchoring systems and cast-in-place anchor products. Multiple products in the PDA software can be compared in seconds with utilization ratings using the innovative Anchor Tree feature.
We invite you to utilize our other services for design professionals:
Our engineering and field support teams can offer educational seminars/workshops, technical support and field-testing of Powers Fasteners products. We also offer our national Powers Training Vehicle (PTV) program for product installation demonstrations, instruction, and training for designers and contractors. We have a fully dedicated staff of customer support specialists and engineers to answer all of your technical needs. If you should have any questions or feedback, please contact customer service toll free at (800) 524-3244 or by email at engineering@powers.com.
Individual help and specification tools are only minutes away:
Improve your firm's specifications by adding our code compliant products into your design documents. If you would like assistance writing our products into your specifications, please contact our engineering department toll free at (888) 745-2633 or by email at engineering@powers.com. We look forward to earning your specification and working with you.
Quality Policy
Powers Fasteners is committed to meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations, for all our products and services, through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
Quality Statement
Powers Fasteners is an ISO-9001:2015 certified anchoring products company and is dedicated to a quality leadership position in the design and manufacture of products for the construction industry. We strive to achieve this mission by seeking to achieve total customer satisfaction through high quality offerings in design and manufacturing. Powers Fasteners values and promotes education and training, continuous product improvement through dedication and teamwork, environmental responsibility and a safe work place.


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